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Biodiversity audit

'Biodiversity' means 'variety of living things'. 

We can take a range of actions to improve the biodiversity in our school and local environment.

Biodiversity-Grounds audit (PDF 630KB)

Biodiversity resource guide (Google site)

Energy audit

Each day we use energy in our homes, schools, offices and in the community. Our use of energy has impacts on resources and the climate. 

Energy audit (PDF 836KB)

WEEC Energy use and efficiency resource guide (Google site)

Waste audit

Each day we use resources and materials and create waste. Some of these resources are limited or are renewed slowly. Our Earth has a limited capacity to absorb waste. 

Waste audit (PDF 304KB)

Waste and materials resource guide (Google site)

Water audit

We live in an environment that has variable climate and rainfall which can affect our fresh water supply.

Can use water more efficiently?

Water audit (PDF 357KB)

Water use and efficiency resource guide (Google site)

Sustainable Transport

Transporting people and goods is an essential part of our lives. Transport has an impact on climate change, resource use and the community. 

Sustainable transport resource guide (Google site)

Thermal comfort

Managing thermal comfort and indoor air quality use varying amounts of energy. Changes in behaviour and modifications can manage our  comfort and reduce our environmental footprint.

Thermal comfort resource guide (Google site)